Building Consents

A Building Consent is a formal approval granted by the Council which confirms the proposed building work shown in the documentation you provide complies with the New Zealand Building Code, the Building Act 2004 and Building Regulations.

In some cases, a Resource Consent or specific requirements of the District Plan may be required to be met. If you are unsure whether the building work you are proposing, requires a Resource Consent or meets District Plan requirements, please contact the Planning Department on (0800) 422522.

When will I need a Building Consent?

A Building Consent is required for most building work, this includes alterations and additions.

There are exceptions where a Building Consent is not required. See our Exemptions Page for more detail.

NOTE: The information on this website is not all inclusive, for full information regarding Building Consents please contact the Council on 0800 422 522 or or