Fire Restrictions

Current Fire Season: Restricted as of 8am, Thursday 26 January 2017.

A restricted fire season has been declared over the area north of the Taihape-Napier Road, and east of the Rangitikei River. This means that a fire permit is required before any fire can be lit in the open air in this area. Permits are free, but can take up to five working days to process. Permits will not be issued for large burns involving heavy fuels such as logs. 

These restrictions will remain in force until further notice. 

Permits are not required for other areas, except for beaches and DoC land as detailed below. 

Current Fire Danger: Low

Please Note: 

That the 3km coastal margin remains Restricted and all beaches are Prohibited (total fire ban). All land within 1km of Department of Conservation land remains Restricted (fire by permit only).

All enquiries and permit requests should be made to Rangitikei District Council Office 0800 422 522.

For all fire emergencies phone 111, and give your name, address, telephone number and rural number (if applicable).

For more information on fire seasons, please see our Rural Fire page.

This notice is under section 22(2) of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977 by the Rangitikei District Council, as a Rural Fire Authority.