Water Supply

15 JUNE 2022

Taihape residents urged to continue conserving water.

Recent heavy rainfall has created pressure on the Taihape water treatment plant. Significant rainfall creates dirty water in the Hautapu river; this river water is the source of Taihape’s drinking water. When it is dirty for long periods, treatment is more difficult and takes longer than usual. This means the output of clean water into the reservoir is slower than normal. During this time, water is being used faster than it is being treated and is causing the reservoir levels to drop.

Process improvement upgrades require a temporary shutdown of the plant and can only take place once the reservoir is sufficiently full – we are aiming for this to be 100%. In order to resolve the issue, we are relying on the community conserving water so the reservoir levels can increase.

The reservoir is currently making slow gains and we thank the public for their ongoing cooperation. Treatment staff have been working 24/7 to manage the issue and, when necessary, drinking water is being transported from Mangaweka to the Taihape reservoir. The water is currently being treated to a high standard and should this change the public will be notified.