Water Supply

Bulls Water Main Repaired and Restrictions Lifted

Update 8.45am, Tuesday, 12 December - Final Update on Bulls Burst Water Main - The levels at the reservoir recovered well overnight so all water restrictions are now lifted. Thanks again for your co-operation.

Update 7.30pm – Monday, 11 December

Council staff have managed to fix the burst water main, the reservoir water level is still low - so for at least the next 24 hours please continue to conserve water and the sprinkler ban remains in place.

6:00pm Monday, 11 December

A water tanker will be situated outside the Bulls Fire Station for residents to come and fill containers for drinking water.

3.30pm Monday, 11 December

A water main has burst in Bulls, while there is still some water into the Bulls town the reservoir is not able to be recharged until the pipe has been fixed. Please only use water when you absolutely need to and conserve as much water as you possibly can. A sprinkler ban is in place immediately until the reservoir returns to normal levels. Council work crews are on site repairing the burst pipe but this situation is expected to last rest of afternoon. Further updates will be provided once they are available.

Water Mains Cleaning 8 – 14 December 

The planned water mains cleaning in the urban area of Marton will commence from Friday, 8 December, weather permitting. Please note there may be changes to this schedule. If you notice discoloration of your water or a temporary loss of pressure please run an outside tap till the water runs clear, usually 5 minutes. If you have any questions please contact Council on 0800 422 522 or 06 327 0099.

Marton Water Flushing Zones